With Gratitude….

We hope that 2013 is going well for everyone and that you enjoyed a happy, safe and healthy start to the new year.

At Vivid, we have had a wonderful time being your preferred spot to get your yoga on over the past 10 months, and it is with regret that we must inform you of the permanent closing of our studio on February 22, 2013, that will be the last day that classes will be held at Vivid. The economy has been rough for everyone and while we really wanted to make Vivid Yoga a success, the reality for us is that the numbers just aren’t there, as much as we’d hoped they would be. It was important for us to give it a try, though! It has been an amazing journey and we have the sincerest gratitude for those of you who supported us through the past year! We’ve had some really great times and created very nice memories that each of us can take with us as we continue down our paths in life. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and to share with you the joy we experience in the practice of yoga.

Vivid Yoga will be officially closed on February 23, 2013. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@vividyogaandwellness.com. You may have expected our studio to stay open through the end of March, based on our earlier announcement – however, our situation has changed a bit. Students with outstanding classes left on your class passes – please contact us for instructions on how you can have those classes fulfilled at a nearby yoga studio in Menomonee Falls: Peace Yoga. They have graciously agreed to honor any outstanding classes you may have had left on your class pass by providing a variety of classes on their schedule at their studio conveniently located in downtown Menomonee Falls.

Again, thank you for sharing this journey with us – - we suspect this will not be the last time we cross paths!


Vivid Yoga